Restraining Orders

There are three types of restraining order in Western Australia:
  • Family Violence Restraining Orders (‘FVRO’);
  • Violence Restraining Orders (‘VRO’); and
  • Misconduct Restraining Orders (‘MRO’).

An FVRO (Family Violence Restraining Order) is a court order restraining your ex-partner, your current partner, or another family member which is designed to protect you from family violence, threats, behaviour that coerces or controls you or behaviour that causes you to be fearful. The Court can also make an FVRO which extends to protect children from being exposed to family violence.

Family violence has a broad definition and is not limited to physical violence. If you feel threatened or intimidated, or are concerned for your safety, you can apply for an FVRO at the Magistrates Court or seek legal advice about your circumstances if you are unsure.