Child Support

In Australia, the Child Support Agency through Services Australia is tasked with assessing, calculating and determining child support. You can estimate the amount of child support you may be required to pay, or entitled to receive, or lodge an application for a child support assessment.

Child support paid pursuant to an administrative assessment may not be right for your circumstances. There are other possible options, including:

  • private agreement with the other party.
  • child support departure order from the Family Court; or
  • a Limited or Binding Child Support Agreement.

A Binding Child Support Agreement may be appropriate in your circumstances if you and the other parent:

  • agree the amount of child support to be paid.
  • agree to a variation of child support from that which has been assessed by the Child Support Agency; or
  • wish to tailor financial arrangements for your children to include such things as private school fees, extracurricular activities, sport and medical expenses.

The particular child support arrangement which best suits your needs and those of your children will depend on your specific circumstances and you should take advice to discuss the most appropriate means of support for your children.